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to my younger sister, luz:

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new year of life for you. Year 17. What the Lord has in store for you in this new year, we know not. But what we do know is that He is faithful and constant.(Deut. 7:9) We also know that God honors those that honor Him. (1 Samuel 2:30) With that being said; I pray you continue honoring the Lord and those above you. Remain faithful to God even when discouragement and fear come your way. Love Him with all your heart, soul, and might because He first loved you. Trust Him in all your ways and He will direct you.

Growing up, it was difficult for me having to get along with my younger sister. I mean she was the “baby” of the family, she got all the attention. And I understand if you’re thinking, “Jealous, much?” But hey, I had been the youngest in my family for 5 whole years and then

BAM! guess who’s got all the attention now?! That’s right, she does!

I have to admit, it took me a few years to learn that I needed to get along with her. We’ve had our share of arguments and disagreements but we get along now, by God’s grace. And I thank God for giving me a younger sister. I have many memories of her when she was just a little child. Something that I’ll always remember is the love she had and still has for singing. Anytime an opportunity presented itself for her to sing she’d gladly take it, whether it was at church, on road trips, or even in our parent’s closet- you can be sure she’d be singing.

I’ve enjoyed watching her blossom into a lovely young lady that loves the Lord and I’ve certainly enjoyed watching our relationship as sisters grow. I am proud of how she uses the talents she’s been given to bring glory to our Lord, not many do. She sings beautifully, has incredible doodling and embroidery skills, and boy can she write! She’s truly been blessed.

The years come and quickly disappear, we must try to live each day with joy and love in our hearts. Be the best we can be for God and those that surround us and pray that we would be used as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks.

Peace to y'all,


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